Best Residential Paint Interior Exterior Applications

What is the best residential paint for interior and exterior applications? We’re often asked by our customers about different brands of residential paint for Arizona and more often than not, the motivation is to justify spending less on a per gallon basis.

If you were to Google search best residential interior paint one will see that consumer reports shows Behr and Valspar as the best interior paint based on their tests. We’ve used everything from Glidden, Behr and Valspar to Dunn Edwards and Sherwin Williams and without doubt, Dunn Edwards and Sherwin Williams have always given us a much better result; for interior paint projects as well as exterior paint projects. Most of the pros will tell you that Sherwin Williams has the best paint products on the market and we do not disagree. However, we have a very hard time telling the difference between our Dunn Edwards projects and our Sherwin Williams projects.

Dunn Edwards and Sherwin Williams have been by far, the best Arizona paint brand performers we have ever used.

To give you an idea of the difference in quality we see in paints like Dunn Edwards and Sherwin Williams over paints like Behr and Glidden, the finishes on a Dunn Edwards or a Sherwin Williams application flat paint are as good as we see on a low sheen semi-gloss for the other brands. This is even more apparent for the Dunn Edwards and Sherwin Williams exterior paint products. And in Arizona, you need a very durable coating on the skin of your home or commercial building.

For many of our residential and commercial jobs, our warranties will differ based on the paint used. Not all paints are created equally and based on our experience, Dunn Edwards and Sherwin Williams give us a much better and longer lasting result. We should note here also that we do not receive any benefits from using Dunn Edwards or Sherwin Williams. We always break the price of our paint and materials out in our bids and ultimately, we give our customers the choice of the brand of paint they would like to use.

So when we say we feel Dunn Edwards and Sherwin Williams have the best paint products on the market, it’s because our projects always look better and last longer when complete. Our customers will pay more for the paint but they will see the difference in the end result.

We are a professional Arizona residential and commercial painting company and would welcome any inquiries you may have into our services.