FMS Partners specializes in the painting of commercial interiors and exteriors.

Commercial Painting Overview

With over 30 years of Arizona commercial painting experience, FMS Partners is Arizona’s most reliable industrial and commercial painting company with an extensive list of satisfied clients from across the state. No matter how large or small the project, we specialize in getting the job done right, on time and within budget.

As a top Arizona commercial painting and Arizona industrial painting leader, FMS Partners continues to set ourselves apart by hiring some of the best craftsmen in the industry. All our painting work is done by FMS Partners highly skilled painting employees; we never hire subcontractors and we believe this is core to why we are able to produce results of the highest quality. All of our employees are drug screened upon being hired and receive safety training annually.

Exterior Commercial Painting Services

There is a saying that of course many of you have heard:  A book can’t be judged by its cover.  Well that idea has been proven time and time again.  There’s another saying that we in the painting industry use quite often that might refute the book idea:  A commercial building as well as the overall business can be judged by its appearance.  As time passes and surfaces weather, paint colors fade and loose the original color depth. Whether your Arizona commercial building is an office building, a house of worship, a medical office building or hospital, or a resort hotel; we do not believe there is a job too small or too tall for our company to handle.

Interior Commercial Painting Services

We are aware that your hours of operations are absolutely critical to your company’s ongoing success. The primary concern for FMS Partners is making sure we address your needs as our client and therefore, we will do our very best to work around your business operations schedule.  Completing your interior commercial painting project on time with very little disruption to your company’s operations is important to us.

Additionally, we always look forward to working closely with you or your designer, on the types of interior finishes and colors your company requires.

Surface Preparation and Waterproofing

Before we can begin the actual exterior painting we must prepare the building exterior surface with a high pressure power wash. The power wash will hep to remove dirt, sand and another other loose paint so that a clean solid surface is exposed; one that is necessary for applying new paint.

In most of Arizona, prolonged extreme exposure to sun as well as extreme deltas between Summer and Winter temperatures, will cause damage to your building. If caulking and waterproofing services are needed to insure your painting and structure investment, FMS Partners can provide these services.

Painting Preparation Process

Once the surface preparation is complete with any surface fractures patched and we have a clean, exposed surface ready for primer and paint, we will begin the painting preparation process which includes taping and masking to protect the building premises from any over spray damage that would typically exist.

In order to ensure the highest quality commercial painting result, our company will take the time to completely prepare the commercial structure.  Once preparation is complete, the actual primer and painting process will go relatively quickly.