FMS Partners is an Arizona residential painting company.

Residential Painting Overview

FMS Partners, we are working hard to be recognized as the reliable Arizona residential painting company, providing customers with the highest quality results for more reasonably competitive prices.  We have an extensive list of satisfied residential clients with residences in Maricopa, Pinal and Pima Counties. The residences we take on as projects range anywhere in size from 750 sq-ft to in excess of 10,000 sq-ft; regardless of how large or small the project, our core strength lies in getting the job done right, on time and within budget.

As a leader in Arizona residential painting, FMS Partners will continue to set ourselves apart by hiring some of the best craftsmen in the industry. All our painting work is done by FMS Partners highly skilled painting employees; we never hire subcontractors which is why we are able to produce results of the highest quality.  And because our painters are out employees, we are able to do very thorough background checks on them all.  Painting is unlike many other contracting trades; when you have a contracting crew in your home for any duration of time, you expect and need to know that your home is safe in our company’s hands. All of our employees are background checked, screened for drug use and receive safety training annually.

We do not strive to be the cheapest residential painting company in Arizona.  We work to be the best residential painting company in Arizona and for less than the other companies producing the same level of work.  We accomplish this by planning our jobs well, communicating with our clients to set realistic expectations and taking the time to differentiate between our clients’ needs and our clients’ wants.

Exterior Commercial Painting Services

There is a saying you can’t judge a book by its cover, but you can judge a commercial property by it’s appearance. As time passes, paint fades and looses it’s original luster. Whether you own an office building, hotel, hospital, or house of worship; no job is too small or too tall for us to handle.

Interior Commercial Painting Services

We know your business operations hours are critical to your ongoing success. FMS Partners primary concern is making sure we address your needs as our client so we will work around your business operations schedule.  Completing your interior commercial painting project on time with very little disruption to your company’s operations is important to us.

Additionally, we always look forward to working closely with you or your designer, on the types of interior finishes and colors your company requires.

Interior Preparation

Before we can begin the actual interior painting we must inspect the surfaces to be painted, looking for dings, cracks, holes and any other obvious imperfections.  Once we put a fresh coating of paint on your walls, any existing imperfections that were not obvious to the eye before painting, will be very apparent and visually unappealing after the painting if they are not fixed or patched. We also need to remove any loose paint and heavy dust so that a clean solid surface is exposed; one that is necessary for applying new paint.

After we prepare the surfaces, we will begin taping the borders where we have color changes.  Next, we will plastic cover everything that needs to be protected from paint overspray and/or splatter.  This stage of the interior preparation takes the most time but please remember that the more time taken to prepare the residence for the actual painting, the better the result will be when the painting is complete.