FMS Partners specializes in Arizona residential and commercial coatings.

Arizona Residential and Commercial Coatings

As an Arizona residential and commercial coatings company, FMS Partners enjoys beautifying finished structures with the application of epoxy floor coatings and concrete cool stains.  Both types of residential and commercial coatings, when properly applied, can leave a client amazed that a concrete floor could look so beautiful.

Metallic Epoxy Floor Coating

Metallic epoxy floors will make even your most critical friends and family jealous; metallic epoxy floor coatings are just spectacular when applied correctly. Whether the application is in a residential or commercial structure, metallic epoxy coated floors stand out more than any other coating application we have installed.

On any given week, we have over 40 standard colors to choose from and we can create an unlimited number of color combinations, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t end up with a truly one-of-a-kind floor finish. Additionally, we have different application techniques we can employ such as spraying solvents into the wet epoxy or using a leaf blower or torch to move the epoxy around. The only limit to an application’s end result is one’s creativity.

Epoxy Flake Coating

Epoxy garage floor coatings with flake gives you many color combinations to choose from. Whether the epoxy flake coating is applied to your garage floor or some other concrete slab surface, the end result will be one-of-a-kind. Vinyl flake is one of the most popular options for your epoxy flake floor application, offering an attractive yet durable end result. The flakes also provide some natural slip resistance.

This product makes a great garage floor coating as well as a great coating for your patio or any other concrete slab surface. Any oil, grease, gas or any other contaminant that gets on the coating is easily wiped off. Even if your concrete is in rough shape prior to the application, our garage floor coating will give your floor a fresh new look.

When it comes to the vinyl flake, you have options; you can go with a partial flake application or a full flake application, with the full flake being the most popular. The full flake comes in either a 1/4″ or a 1/16″ size. The partial flake can come in either of the two sizes also but the application will look the best with the full flake installation using the 1/4″ sized flakes.

Epoxy Solid Color Coating

Solid color epoxy floor coatings will give you many options, from a smooth surface that’s easy to clean, to a more slip resistant surface that may cause someone to loose some skin if they he or she falls on it.

With our solid color epoxy coating, we do have the option of adding our moisture mitigating epoxy primer in those cases where hydrostatic pressure can be a problem. Hydrostatic pressure occurs when moisture vapor is transferred through the concrete slab which can cause most floor coating applications to fail.

There are fewer choices of colors with the more textured finish but we have yet to find a customer who has not been happy with at least one or a few of the color options.  The epoxy solid color floor coating is a great way to go if you’re looking for a more budget friendly Epoxy floor coating option.

Concrete Cool Stain

Concrete cool stain coatings have several colors from which to choose but the greatest advantage of concrete cool stain as a floor coating is the fact that it can reduce your concrete temperature up to 50 degrees fahrenheit and 10 degrees celsius.  The heat absorption in concrete has been proven to contribute greatly to the “urban heat island effect” causing air temperatures in urban locations to be hotter than they would with materials having less heat absorption properties; theoretically, your property will be cooler in a similar manner that it would if you were to have grass landscaping instead of rock.

A concrete cool stain coating provides a completely opaque, breathable and natural looking finish that is perfect for use on concrete pool decks, other large concrete slab areas and municipal projects.

Concrete Stain Coatings

Concrete stain coatings come in many colors and come with different sealer options depending on the needs of our customers. Concrete staining is a great option for any flooring because it’s easy to keep clean and it offers an attractive and durable finish. We have applied concrete stain coatings in residences valued in the multi-million dollar range.  But we’ve also applied concrete stain coatings to garages, airplane hangers and other more industrial use spaces.

One thing to keep in mind when considering a concrete stain coating on your floor is that concrete stain coatings are semi-transparent and are intended to enhance rather than disguise the surface. They will not hide cracks, blemishes or other flaws that may exist in the concrete slab. Nor will they completely mask an underlying color or conceal the texture of the existing surface. An existing concrete slab with major fractures or cracks will not usually be a good candidate for concrete staining because any required patchwork will show right through the stain.

Concrete stain coatings are especially effective for revitalizing dull surfaces. And because they penetrate the concrete surface, most concrete stain coatings have excellent UV stability and are very wear resistance, which is why they have been so popular as interior or exterior applications.

Concrete Waterproofing

When properly applied, our concrete waterproofing products should never have to be applied again. We can typically penetrate into the concrete slab, approximately 4″ to 6″ and once inside, the material compound turns into a gel, ensuring it will move, expand and contract with your concrete during changes in temperature cycle swings.

The concrete waterproofing compound will not however bridge a gap in the concrete so cracks must first be treated with a foam injection material. This is accomplished by inserting ports along the length of the crack and than injecting the polyurethane foam material into each port until the crack has been completely filled.

By employing both of these products, FMS Partners can protect your concrete from the negative effects of moisture penetration.